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Meadow Springs Kennel is located in the heart of Central Texas. We live on a ranch and raise


Commercial cattle, but raising Rat Terriers is my business and love.


My pledge as a breeder and the Southwest District Vice President of the NRTA,


is to abide by the code of ethics set by the National Rat Terrier Association.  I guarantee and stand behind all the dogs that I sell, and will be happy to furnish references of people who have purchased one of my puppies. My goal as a breeder is to raise the best and healthiest puppies possible. I strive to bring pleasure and happiness to all who purchase a puppy from me.



Please feel free to look through my site and contact me if you have any questions.




Marion Shiller


Phone :  (512) 455 - 9181


Email  :  marion@meadowsprings.net




Specializing In Tiny Tots (5 pounds and under full grown) and

Toy Rat Terriers (5 to 10 pounds full grown)


Colors: Tri Color, Blues, Chocolates, Black/Tan, Black/White,

Tan/White, Sable, Pearl, Fawn and Sable and White.